Fiore&Sons Award Winning Landscape

“Fiore & Sons, Inc. is proud to announce that our building at 80 East 62nd Ave. is earning numerous awards for construction excellence.  Last year we were awarded the Adams County Excellence Award for Business Expansion.  Tonight, we will be attending the Associated Builders and Contractors dinner where we will receive the Excellence In Construction Award for Community Service.  We are also proud to let you know this project is now qualified for an ABC National award

The purpose of this email is to first recognize and thank you for your collaborative and timely work on this project.  The National award entry specifically requests a list of those designers and design-builders who are responsible for the success of this work.  You are invited to participate in assembling this entry for the National award because our success could not be possible without this great team.  I personally want to thank all of you for your part in this remarkable job, and I hope you had a similar experience on your side.  This project took a great deal of mutual trust, and I believe that trust is the center point of our success.”

Fiore & Sons

Bloom Floralscapes’ letter to the award committee:

It is our great pleasure to support Fiore & Sons in consideration for the 2018 Associated Builders and Contractors’ Annual Excellence in Construction Award in recognition of the work completed on their corporate offices located at 80 E. 62nd Ave.

We enjoyed working with Carter and Fiore & Sons on this project, despite the challenges we came across. Several challenges we faced included the large, flat nature of the property and the time of year scheduled for installation. Both the design and installation needed trust and assistance from Fiore & Sons, and we received both.

Due to the large amount of property, the design required a different level of scale in both design and material amount. We designed around Fiore & Sons main priorities, which were turf grass and keeping the existing trees, but we felt additional plants were necessary for year-round interest and visual appeal. To assist us with the design, Fiore & Sons provided AutoCAD drawings of the property, giving us a great base plan on which to design. Not only was the design accepted quickly, allowing for quicker installation, but they trusted our expertise in plant selection, visual interest, and meeting their requirements.

The installation itself began after August, causing some plant sourcing issues and a looming natural deadline with the threat of winter. Almost all the plants installed were either dormant during planting, or about to go dormant, as we planted most of the material in November. Finally, we laid 18,500 sq. ft. of turf grass the first week of December. Due to the mild winter, we needed irrigation on to water the turf grass and plant material. Unfortunately, the winter was cold also, requiring the irrigation to be turned off, drained, and wrapped between watering. Carter from Fiore & Sons worked with our team to water when needed, as well as communicated when the irrigation needed to be turned off. Without Carter’s assistance and our irrigation tech’s diligence, the plant material would not have made it the first winter.

Ultimately, Carter and Fiore & Sons’ trust and assistance ensured the project would be successful and look amazing moving into spring. Both our designer, Mallory Payson, and our installation manager, Karen Overlin, believe the project went so well due to the trust Fiore & Sons placed in our firm.